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Behind the Scenes

She's just a small-town girl, living in a -- wait, those are song lyrics.

Jami is a misplaced bibliophile whose actual degree is in musicology. At a young age, she discovered a passion for music and literature alike. Her childhood was equal parts singing "Part of Your World" and reading Goosebumps and Animorphs until her fingers were ink-stained. As she grew up, she read anything with pages, from literary greats to genre fiction of all kinds. Jami began writing for herself in college, and through the 2000s, reading took a back seat to grad school and her pursuit of jobs in academia.

Now in her thirties, diagnosed last year with ADHD (which explained so much), and C-PTSD, she has rekindled her love of reading as a way to make sense of the world. In particular, she enjoys reading horror, fantasy, and poetry, but she will give almost anything a try. She particularly focuses on reading marginalized authors: BIPOC, feminine/NB-presenting, and LGBTQIA+. Their voices deserve to be heard.

Jami lives with her wife, Nicole, and her two cats, Luna and Persephone.

Jami, sitting in a cafe. She has a round face, glasses, pale skin, and a cream lace top.

"I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else."

Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

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